1. Controller
Posti Ltd
Sales and Customer Service, Online Channels
Mail address
P.O. Box 7
00011 POSTI, Finland
Street address
Postintaival 7, 00230 Helsinki
Tel: +358 200 71000 (local/mobile call rates apply)

2. Person responsible for register matters and/or contact person
Posti Customer Service
Tel: +358 200 71000 (local/mobile call rates apply)

3. Name of register
Posti Oy’s Consumer Customer Register

4. Purpose of personal data processing (purpose of the register)
The main purpose is to use the personal data as Posti Oy’s consumer customer register. The register contains personal data on natural persons who have disclosed such data to Posti Oy.
In addition to the customers’ basic data, the register includes data on contracts and data required by the production and control of products and services. The register may also contain data on areas of interest reported by customers themselves.

Personal data are processed for the following purposes:
Implementation, development and maintenance of services selected by the customer and delivery of products.

Accounts management, such as identifying
customers based on customer numbers,
sales and marketing,
sending customer newsletters,
customer relationship management and other maintenance.

For the operative needs of Posti Oy’s business, such as
the implementation of service processes
mail control information

For planning and developing Posti Oy’s operations and business

For providing information on Posti Oy’s products and services, promoting sales, marketing and conducting market surveys.

In addition, based on customers’ consent, the data can be used for marketing Posti Oy’s products and services and for marketing via automated systems, such as e-mail and text messages.

5. Data content of register
Data submitted to Posti by the customer (mandatory data in bold):

- First and last name
- Street address, postal code, city, country
- Telephone numbers
- E-mail address
- Choices made by the customer for direct marketing
- Other data required by the services

Customers who have registered on Posti’s web service can view, change and delete information they have submitted. Other customers can make changes by calling +358 (0)20451 5522 or by sending a letter to the address P.O. Box 2, 00011 POSTI.

Other account data generated in addition to the above:

Order history
Campaign codes
Account start date
Account type

6. Regular sources of data
Data are not acquired from external sources but the main source is the customer himself/herself.

7. Regular disclosure and transfer of information outside the EU or the European Economic Area Personal data are not disclosed for direct marketing.
Posti Oy can disclose customer data within the limits permitted and required by valid legislation. Due to the technical processing of data, some of the data may be physically situated on external subcontractor servers or hardware, through which they are processed via a technical remote connection.
Personal data are not transferred to outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service. In all cases, the precondition for disclosing and transferring data is that the parties receiving and processing the data have signed an agreement with Posti that ensures the legal processing of the data.

8. Principles of register protection
A. Manual material
All data related to Posti’s private customers are processed confidentially and may only be disclosed to persons who need them at work and are bound by a non-disclosure obligation.

B. Data stored in data management systems
Customers are identified in information management systems based on their respective customer numbers, and in the web service based on Posti’s IDs or online bank user IDs.

If a customer has several customer numbers, Posti can combine the customer numbers of the same person and their information under a single customer number. The customer is notified about the operation.

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