A letter from Santa Claus - What a great gift!

Receiving a personal letter is a special occasion for any child. If the letter should come from Santa Claus himself, it will obviously be extra special.

Santa Claus writes his letters at Santa Claus’ Post office. Each letter is sealed with a Christmas stamp and with the Arctic Circle postmark.

With each letter, Santa Claus will enclose a certificate of niceness and a postcard to colour in.

The letters are available in 13 different languages, so you can surprise children or friends all over the world. The letter is personalised, addressing the recipient by his/her first name.

Place your orders to European countries by December 7th and other countries as early as December 1st. Orders to Finland can be placed by December 14th.

The language options for the letter are Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Dutch and recently also in Portuguese and Polish!

Delivery terms:

- The credit cards available in the online shop are accepted.
- No handling and shipping charge is added to the order, unless you are ordering other products with the letters.
- The letter will be delivered by Christmas in accordance with the terms of delivery for international Priority Letters.
- The Letter from Santa Claus shall be paid when placing the order at which time the order enters into force.
- Please keep the confirmation of order when receiving it to your e-mail address.
- If a letter with correct address disappears during delivery, please contact the Customer Service.

In cases of disappearance the liability of Posti Oy is limited to the price of the Letter from Santa Claus.

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