1. Scope of application and validity
These contract terms apply to distance selling between Posti Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Posti”) and a consumer customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”), unless otherwise agreed in product- or service-specific terms (hereinafter referred to as “Product-specific Terms”). Product-specific Terms can be presented when offering a product without having separated them from the product’s other description into a separate description.

These terms are valid from 13 June 2014 until further notice.

2. Conclusion and transfer of the contract
A contract is concluded once Posti has approved an order placed by the Customer. Posti has the right, without the Customer’s consent, to transfer the contract in whole or in part to a third party to which the business operations referred to in the contract are transferred. Posti also has the right to transfer its contract receivables to a third party.

Posti has the right to cancel the order if the order contains a distinct price error. A distinct price error refers to any typographical error or technical error due to which the price considerably and distinctly deviates from the correct price of the product. The following are examples of a distinct price error.
• The product’s price is €0.00 or it has no price at all
• The announced price of a collectible item or a gift product is, for example, a few euros. In these cases, the erroneous price deviates from the real price so distinctly that the Customer is deemed to understand it is erroneous.

3. Time and method of delivery
The products are primarily shipped within three to five (3–5) business days from the order, unless a different delivery time is specified in the Product-specific Terms. In exceptional situations, the delivery time may be longer, in which case it is indicated in the service.

If the order contains stamps or products to be launched in the future, these items will be delivered after the launch date and the delivery time will be calculated from that date. If the order contains products which are temporarily out of stock, they will be delivered as back orders subject to availability. Due to the aforementioned reasons, the order may be shipped in more than one shipment. Shipping the order in multiple shipments will not impact the shipping costs payable by the Customer.
Shipments weighing no more than 2 kg will be shipped as a Priority letter, and shipments weighing more than 2 kg will be shipped as an Economy package, unless otherwise agreed in the Product-specific Terms.

5. Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on the product, total order and country of delivery. If the product has a product-specific shipping fee or if the shipping fee is included in the price, it is indicated in the product information.  Otherwise, the shipping fees for domestic shipments are as follows:
The value of the order is less than €27: €3
The value of the order is €27 or more: no shipping fees.
International shipments: €5
Standing order: €0,50/delivery

6. Customer’s right of cancellation and returns
The Customer has the right to familiarize itself with the product for fourteen (14) days after receipt and return it if it does not meet their expectations. The product being returned must be in the same condition as when it was delivered.


The Customer can cancel an order using the Posti cancellation form.  Returning goods during the cancellation period is also considered cancellation of the order by Posti.


 Posti will pay for the return charges of the product in Finland (excl. Åland Islands) when the product is returned during the cancellation period or due to a defect and the return is made as Posti’s customer return.  When returning goods from the Åland Islands or from abroad or due to reasons other than those mentioned above, the Customer is responsible for the transportation charges of the shipments.

7. Exceptions to the cancellation right
Products and services may be covered by a cancellation right which deviates from the previous item or may not be covered by a cancellation right. The exceptions are based on prerequisites stipulated in Chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act. An exceptional cancellation right or the lack of a cancellation right is announced in the Product-specific Terms.

8. Reclamations and feedback
The Customer should inspect the shipment immediately after receipt. Posti must be notified of any defects within a reasonable time from when the Customer noticed them or from the moment the Customer should have noticed the defect.


Posti is responsible for product defects to consumers in accordance with the defect responsibility stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act.

Reclamations and inquiries should be made at Posti’s customer service, tel. Posti’s customer service for private customers 0600 94320 (€1,84/answered call + lnc/mpc) Complaint 0100 85160 (lnc/mpc)

9. Customer register
The names and contact details of online store customers are stored in Itella Posti Oy’s Consumer customer register. This information is used in the manner described in the
file description. The file description can be requested from Posti’s Customer service.

10. Customer communication
Posti may send both customer service messages and marketing messages to the Customer’s  e-mail address and mobile phone. Posti may send marketing messages to the Customer’s e-mail address or phone if the Customer has agreed to it or placed an order through the electronic channel. The Customer may prohibit the use of their personal information in direct marketing.

11. Immaterial rights
Posti or its cooperation partners own the immaterial rights to the products being sold, with the exception of the material the Customer has submitted to the service (e.g. The Personalized stamp, a postcard sent through the Internet). The Customer is responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate rights to the pictures or other material they have submitted to the service.

Posti will not receive immaterial rights to the material the Customer has submitted to the service but the rights will remain with the Customer. The Customer is responsible for all material they submitted to Posti when placing the order.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the material does not cause inconvenience or damage to Posti or external parties (e.g. by containing computer viruses or properties which aim to render software, devices, data, etc., inoperative or to otherwise damage them), does not infringe any other party’s privacy, rights, copyrights or other immaterial rights, and is not contrary to good business practices, the law or official regulations.

Posti is under no obligation to verify the immaterial rights or other rights concerning the material submitted by the Customer.

The Customer is, at their own cost, responsible for any disputes related to the material they submitted and any consequent legal expenses and other such costs, damages and any other compensation obligations.

12. Other applicable terms
If the Product-specific Terms and the Delivery terms of distance selling are in conflict, the Product-specific Terms take precedence.


Posti is a member of the Finnish Direct Marketing Association (Asiakkuusmarkkinointiliitto) and complies with the association’s code of conduct.


Posti shall be released from compliance with the obligations under the Agreement and its obligation to pay damages in case of force majeure situations, such as strikes, lockouts, other industrial action, accidents, measures by authorities and other circumstances that could not be avoided by Posti and the consequences of which could not be prevented by Posti. Posti will make every effort to deliver its services, even under the above-mentioned exceptional circumstances, as well as possible. In force majeure situations, Posti shall be entitled, if necessary, to prioritize the execution of services in order to implement or ensure statutory obligations, the functioning of society, health, public safety or other similar factors.

13. Validity
These delivery terms are valid until further notice. Posti has the right to change these terms and product terms. The changes are announced on Posti’s website.

14. Applicable law and disputes
This Agreement shall be subject to Finnish law. Possible disputes will be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki. The Customer also has the right to initiate legal proceedings in the court of first instance of their home municipality or bring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for processing.

Contact information Hämeentie 3, PO Box 306, 00531 HELSINKI, telephone +358 29 566 5200, kril@oikeus.fi.

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